Function, Talent 能

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Kanji: 能
Hiragana: のう
Pronunciation: No, Noh, Nou
Meaning: Function, Talent

技能 (gino, ginoh, ginou) skill; technical skill; special skill; expert skill
効能 (kono, kohnoh, kounou) effect; efficacy; benefit; virtue
才能 (saino, sainoh, sainou) ability; talent; gift
能力 (noryoku, nohryoku, nouryoku) ability; faculty; competence; capacity
有能 (yuno, yuunoh, yuunou) capable; able; competent; efficient
無能 (muno, munoh, munou) incompetence; inefficiency
万能 (ban-no, ban-noh, ban-nou) all-powered; almighty; omnipotent; all-round
能楽 (nogaku, nohgaku, nougaku) Noh play; One of the Japanese performing arts. A generic name for Noh and Kyogen.

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