The moon 月

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Kanji: 月
Hiragana: つき、げつ、がつ
Pronunciation: Tsuki, Getsu, Gatsu
Meaning: The moon, Month

名月 (meigetsu) the harvest moon
花鳥風月 (kachofugetsu, kachoufuugetsu) the traditional themes of natural beauty in Japanese aesthetics, flowers, birds, wind, the moon
雪月花 (setsugekka) snow, the moon and flowers; beautiful scenery representing the four seasons of Japan
満月 (mangetu) a full moon
半月 (hangetsu) a half moon
新月 (shingetsu) a new moon
月光 (gekko, gekkoh, gekkou) moonlight
月面 (getsumen) moon’s surface
和風月名 (wafu-getsumei, wafuu-getumei) Japanese months’ name; Months names in Japanese Lunar Calendar

月日 (tsukihi) time; days
月夜 (tsukiyo) the moonlight night
三日月 (mikazuki) a crescent moon
上弦の月 (jogen-no-tsuki, johgen-no-tsuki, jougen-no-tsuki) waxing moon
下弦の月 (kagen-no-tsuki) waning moon

月が綺麗ですね (tsukiga-kirei-desune) The moon is beautiful.; A profession of love made by Natsume Soseki, a great writer of the Meiji era. When Soseki Natsume was an English teacher, he had his students translate the English phrase “I love you”. When he heard the students’ direct translations, he told them, “Japanese people do not express their love in such a direct words. It should be translated as “The moon is beautiful”, or something.”
月と鼈 (tsuki-to-suppon) different like day and night; different like heaven and hell; different like

月のうさぎ (tsuki-no-usagi) rabbits on the moon;
In Japan, the shadow pattern of the moon is said to look like a rabbit making rice cakes. There is also a tradition that rabbits live on the moon. This tradition exists not only in Japan, but throughout Asia.

月とかぐや姫 (tsuki-to-kaguyahime) The moon and Princess Kaguya;
Kaguya-hime, also known as Princess Kaguya, is a legendary figure in Japanese folklore. She is found as a baby inside a glowing bamboo stalk by a bamboo cutter. As she grows up, her beauty captivates everyone around her, and she becomes a sought-after princess. However, Kaguya-hime reveals that she is not of this world and comes from the moon. She longs to return to her celestial home. Despite the love and admiration she receives, Kaguya-hime refuses marriage proposals and chooses to remain faithful to her origins. Eventually, she must bid farewell to her adoptive family and friends, leaving them with deep sorrow. She returns to the moon, leaving behind memories of her grace and the impact she had on those who knew her.

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