Cloud 雲

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Kanji: 雲
Hiragana: くも、うん
Pronunciation: Kumo, Un
Meaning: Cloud

雲海 (unkai) sea of clouds; The upper surface of clouds looking down from a mountaintop or airplane looks like sea surface.
暗雲 (anun) dark clouds; It is a metaphorical expression often used to describe a situation or atmosphere that is foreboding, indicating trouble, danger, or uncertainty ahead. It implies a sense of impending crisis, turmoil, or negativity, much like the ominous dark clouds before a storm.
雲煙 (unen) clouds and smoke; clouds and haze

雨雲 (amagumo) a rain cloud; a nimbus
雲の上 (kumonoue) high above the cloud; above the cloud; the (Imperial) Court; (a place) beyond one’s reach
雲隠れ (kumogakure) disappearance; disappear; vanish; escape; flee; A person disappears without a trace.; The moon disappears among the clouds.

Special Readings:
雲母 (kira, kirara) mica
出雲 (Izumo) a old province name in Japan which has Izumo Shrine; eastern part of Shimane Prefecture
雲雀 (hibari) skylark
雲丹 (uni) sea urchin eggs

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