Grove, Woods 林

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Kanji: 林
Hiragana: はやし、りん
Pronunciation: Hayashi, Rin
Meaning: Grove, Woods, Forest, Thicket

山林 (sanrin) a forest in the mountains
林間 (rinkan) in the forest; among the trees
林道 (rindo, rindoh, rindou) path through forest
竹林 (chikurin) bamboo thicket
森林 (shinrin) forest; woods
防風林 (bofurin, bohfuurin, boufuurin) windbreak forest

竹林 (Takebayashi) bamboo thicket
松林 (Matsubayashi) pine grove
雑木林 (zokibayashi, zohkibayashi, zoukibayashi) grove of mixed trees

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