Blue 青

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Kanji: 青
Hiragana: あお、せい、しょう
Pronunciation: Ao, Sei, Sho, Shou
Meaning: Blue, Unripe, Immature

青年 (seinen) youth; young man; young person; adolescent
青春 (seishun) adolescent; youth; youthfulness
青雲 (seiun) Bluish clouds; Clear and high sky; Blue sky
青雲の志 (seiun-no-kokorozashi) The desire to rise in the world and attain a high position
青蛙 (aogaeru, seia) Green frog; Frog spirit; Frog monster
青鞋 (seiai) Straw sandals which are designed only for the front half of the foot; Waraji
青銅 (seido, seidou) Bronze
青磁 (seiji) celadon Porcelain
群青 (gunjo, gunjou) Ultramarine

青信号 (aoshingo, aoshingoh, aoshingou) Green traffic signal light
青色 (aoiro) Blue color
青鬼 (ao-oni) Horned blue ogre
真っ青 (massao) Deep blue; ghastly pale
青梅 (ao-ume) Unripe plum
青葉 (aoba) Fresh leaves; New leaves

Special Readings:
刺青 (irezumi) Tatoo

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