As, Like 如

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Kanji: 如
Hiragana: ごと(く)、じょ、にょ
Pronunciation: Goto(ku), Jo
Meaning: As, Like

突如 (totsujo) suddenly; all of a sudden; unexpectedly; abruptly
欠如 (ketsujo) lack; shortage; want
如実に (nyojitsuni) vividly; realistically
真如 (shin-nyo) tathata; In Buddhism, all things in the universe are as they are. The ultimate form of existence, the absolute unchanging truth.
如来(nyorai) Tathagata; The honorific title of the Buddha; A person who has completed his training and become enlightened; A person who has come to the other world for the salvation of living things.
如意輪観音 (nyoi-rin-kan-non) Cintamani-cakra; manifestation of Avalokitesvara
如是我聞 (nyozegamon) thus I hear; quote from the sutras
面目躍如 (menboku-yakujo, menmoku-yakujo) having an effect of bolstering one’s reputation

如く (gotoku) like; as if

Special Readings:
如月 (kisaragi) February; second month of the lunar calendar

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