Travel, Trip 旅

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Kanji: 旅
Hiragana: たび、りょ
Pronunciation: Tabi, Ryo
Meaning: Travel, Trip, Journy

旅行 (ryoko, ryokoh, ryokou) travel; trip; tour: journy
修学旅行 (shuugaku-ryoko, shuugaku-ryokoh, shuugaku-ryokou) school excursionschool tripfield trip
旅館 (ryokan) Japanese style hotel
旅程 (ryotei) itinerary; plans for a trip
旅費 (ryohi) travel expenses
旅客 (ryokyaku, ryokaku) passenger; traveler

旅人 (tabibito) traveler; wayfarer; tourist
船旅 (funatabi) trip on a boat; excursion by boat
旅立つ (tabidachi) begin a trip; depart; embark; start a trip; pass away
長旅 (nagatabi) long trip; extended trip

Special Readings:
旅籠 (hatago) Baskets carried by travelers with foods and daily necessities along the way. Inns where travelers were accommodated with meals especially during the Edo period.

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