One’speople 民

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Kanji: 民
Hiragana: たみ、みん
Pronunciation: Tami, Min
Meaning: One’s people

民族 (minzoku) ethnic; national; race
民俗 (minzoku) folk customs; folk
人民 (jinmin) the people; citizens
民間 (minkan) private; civilian; nongoverment
民法 (minpo, minpoh, minpou) civil law; the civil code
民話 (minwa) folktale; folk story
難民 (nanmin) refugee
避難民 (hinanmin) evacuee

民 (tami) the people; ciitizens; This is a old word. This is not used in current daily life but this is used in stories, manga, and movies.
海の民 (uminotami) Sea Peoples; Peoples of the Sea

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