Five 五

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Kanji: 五
Hiragana: ご、いつ(つ)
Pronunciation: Go, Itsu(tsu)
Meaning: Five

五階(gokai) fifth floor
五回 (gokai) five times
五歳 (gosai) five years old

五つ (itsutsu) five
五日 (itsuka) fifth day

Special Readings:
五月晴れ (satsukibare) fine weather in May; fine weather during the rainy season
五月雨 (samidare) early summer rain; intermittently; off and on
五月蠅い (urusai) noisy; annoying; The etymology of this word is based on the fact that 五月 refers to May, and 蠅 means a fly. The expression “May fly” was created because the weather becomes warmer in May and flies tend to increase.
五十 (iso) fifty; traditional and old word

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