Peace, Harmony, Calm 和

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Kanji: 和
Hiragana: わ、かず、やわ(らぐ)、なご(む)、なご(やか)
Pronunciation: Wa, Kazu, Yawa(ragu), Nago(mu), Nago(yaka)
Meaning: Peace, Harmony, Calm, Serenity, Quiet, Sum, Total, Japan, Soften, Abate, Lessen

和気 (waki) tranquil weather; warm weather; a warm and friendly mood; a harmonious mood
緩和 (kanwa) relax (especially tension between nations); ease (especially restrictions); relief
和服 (wafuku) Japanese traditional dress/clothing; Kimono
和英 (eiwa) Japanese and English
平和 (heiwa) peace
昭和 (showa) Showa era (Dec 25, 1926 – Jan 7, 1989), one of Nengo (年号). Nengo refers to the system of era names used in Japan. In this system, each emperor’s reign is given a specific name, which becomes the official calendar system for the duration of their reign. Showa is the longest reign of any Japanese emperor and witnessed significant events such as World War II, Japan’s post-war recovery, and its rapid economic growth.

和らぐ (yawaragu) soften; moderate; be eased; abate; die down
和む (nagomu) calm; calm down; heartwarming

三と五の和は八 (santogonowawahachi) 3+5=8
和を結ぶ (wawomusubu) make peace

Special Readings:
大和 (yamato) ancient name of Japan; the old province of Yamato
大和魂 (yamatodamashii) the Japanese spirit
日和 (hiyori) ideal weather (for some action, event, etc.); perfect day; good day/weather; weather; conditions; situation

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