One 一

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Kanji: 一
Hiragana: いち、かず、はじめ、ひと(つ)
Pronunciation: Ichi, Kazu, Hajime, Hito(tsu)
Meaning: One, First, Single

一 (ichi, hajime) one
一番 (ichiban) the first
天下一 (tenkaichi) best on earth; unique thing
一人前 (ichininmae) a portion (for one person); an adult; a grown-up (person)
一つ (hitotsu) one; for one thing
一人 (hitori) one person
一人ぼっち (hitori-bocchi) loneliness; solitude; aloneness
一人旅 (hitori-tabi) travelling alone; solitary journey; journey alone
一貫 (ikkan) consistency; integration; coherence; one piece of sushi
一人称 (ichininsho, ichininshow, ichininshoh, ichininshou) the first person
単一 (tanitsu) single

Special Readings:
一日 (tsuitachi) first day of the month
一昨日 (issakujitsu, ototoi) day before yesterday

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