Love 愛

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Kanji: 愛
Hiragana: あい、め、いと (しい)
Pronunciation: Ai, Me, Ito (shii)
Meaning: Love

愛情 (aijo, aishou, aijoh) affection; love
恋愛 (renai) love; fall in love; to adore a particular person sex so strongly and to love the person so much that one becomes wistful
愛でる (mederu) love; admire; appriciate
溺愛 (dekiai) infatuation; excessive love; love blindly; dote upon

Special Readings:
愛媛 (Ehime) a prefecture of Japan
愛娘 (manamusume) one’s beloved daughter
愛蘭 (airurando) Ireland

Ai, Ito are Japanese female names. Parents wish for their children to grow up to be kind and caring. They also wish that she will grow up with a lot of love and affection from people around her.

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