Old 古

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Kanji: 古
Hiragana: ふる(い)、こ
Pronunciation: Furu(i), Ko
Meaning: Old, Ancient, Used

古典 (koten) classic
古文 (kobun) ancient writings
古代 (kodai) ancient times; antiquity
懐古 (kaiko) retrospection; recollect the past; look back on the past; nostalgia
古民家 (kominka) old folk house; old private house
中古 (chuko, chuuko) used
古木 (koboku) old tree

古い (furui) old
古き良き (furuki-yoki) good old-fashioned
古時計 (furudokei) antique clock; antique watch; old clock
古びる (furubiru) get old
古株 (furukabu) old-timer; a long-time member; old face; senior; old stump
古本 (furuhon) used book

Special Readings:
古 (inishie) antiquity; ancient times

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