Foot 足

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Kanji: 足
Hiragana: あし、そく
Pronunciation: Ashi, Soku
Meaning: Foot, Leg

満足 (manzoku) satisfaction; sufficient; sufficiency; contentment; complacency; complacence; be pleased with; gratified; complete; healthy
不足 (fusoku) insufficiency; lack; shortage; running short; dissatisfaction; needy; straitened; in want; missing
充足 (jusoku, juusoku) providing enough; satisfied; contentment
蛇足 (dasoku) superfluity; something redundant; superfluous; unnecessary additions
義足 (gisoku) artificial leg; wooden leg
足跡 (sokuseki) footprint; footmark; history; achievements; mark

足場 (ashiba) foothold; scaffold
足踏み (ashibumi) stamp one’s feet; marched in place; a standstill; be getting nowhere; mark time
足跡 (ashiato) footprint; footmark; the tracks; the trail
足首 (ashikubi) ankle
足止め (ashidome) inducement to stay; be grounded
足す (tasu) add; plus; make up

Special Readings:
足袋 (tabi) Japanese socks with the big toes separate

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