Fruit, Reality 実

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Kanji: 実 (實)
Hiragana: み、じつ、さね
Pronunciation: Mi, Jitsu, Sane
Meaning: Fruit, Reality

現実 (genjitsu) reality; actuality; fact
実物 (jitsubutsu) the real thing; the actual object; the genuine article; real life; the original
果実 (kajitsu) fruit; berry; profit
実感 (jikkan) actual feeling; feeling and expression; the feel; the atmosphere; really feel; realized
実現 (genjitsu) realization; materialization
実家 (jikka) one’s parents’ house/home
実母 (jitsubutsu) a birth mother; a real mother
実父 (jippu) one’s real own father
充実 (jujutsu, juujitsu) full; substantial; enrich

木の実 (kinomi) nut; berry

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