Honorable, Control 御

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Kanji: 御
Hiragana: お、み、ぎょ
Pronunciation: O, Mi, Gyo
Meaning: Honorable, Control

制御 (seigyo) Control; Regulation
崩御 (hogyo, hoh-gyo, hougyo) death of the Emperor
防御 (bogyo, boh-gyo, bougyo) defense; protection

御中 (onchu, onchuu)
御中 (Onchu) is a Japanese term of respect often used in business and official documents. It is a respectful title written after the name of the person to whom the letter or document is addressed.

御霊 (mitama) spirits of dead persons; person’s departed soul

御影石 (mikageishi) granite

In Japanese, 御 (o, go) is added before a word as a polite expression.
The below are examples:

  • 御生誕 (otanjo, otanjoh, otanjou) birth
  • 御酒 (osake) sake; alcohol drink
  • 御雛様 (ohinasama)
    Ohinasama (御雛様) is associated with the traditional Japanese event of Hinamatsuri (Girls’ Festival). Hinamatsuri is one of the traditional Japanese celebrations held annually on March 3. This day is considered a day of celebration to wish for the healthy growth and happiness of girls in particu
  • 御神輿 (omikoshi)
    Omikoshi are portable shrines used in traditional Japanese festivals and Shinto rituals. The mikoshi is a special worship hall used for ceremonies and events in which the deities of shrines are paraded through towns and villages.

    Mikoshi are generally made of wood or bamboo and decorated with ornaments and carvings. Also inside the mikoshi is a shindai (stand for the gods of the shrine), which is used to worship the gods of the shrine. On this shindai are enshrined the sacred objects and the money that symbolize the deities.

    The mikoshi plays a very important role in the festival. Carried by priests and miko (shrine maidens), the mikoshi symbolizes the local faith and the spirit of the festival, and is filled with power. As the mikoshi makes its way through the towns and villages, local residents join the mikoshi in blessing the gods and praying with them. These events play an important role in strengthening community cohesion and preserving cultural traditions.

    The mikoshi is an important element found in festivals and fairs throughout Japan, and is a cultural activity that many people look forward to. The sight of mikoshi parading through the streets and the lively atmosphere of festivals is a familiar part of the traditional Japanese landscape.
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