Port 湊

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Kanji: 湊
Hiragana: みなと、そう、あつま(る)、み
Pronunciation: Minato, Sou, Atsuma(ru), mi
Meaning: Port, Harbor, Getting gather, Places where water gather, Places where people, burden and things gather

輻湊 (fukuso, fukusoh, fukusou) To gather from different places. Things are crowded into one place.
湊泊 (sohaku, sohhaku, souhaku) staying over in port cities, harbor stay

湊 (minato) harbor; port
湊まる (atsumaru) getting gather; Usually, 集 is used for getting gathering.

湊 is often in Japanese both male and female names. The below is only some examples.
Male names: 湊 (minato), 湊太 (sota, souta), 湊士朗 (soshiro, soshiroh, soushirou)
Female names: 心湊(kokomi), 湊姫 (minaki), 湊優 (miyu)

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