Pearl, Gem, Ball 珠

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Kanji: 珠
Hiragana: しゅ、じゅ、たま
Pronunciation: Shu, Ju, Tama
Meaning: Pearl, Gem, Ball

真珠 (shinju) pearl
数珠 (juzu) prayer beads
懸珠 (kenshu) To shine beautifully like a pearl; This is used as a metaphor for a beautiful gaze, etc.
宝珠 (hoshu, hoh-dhu, houshu, hoju, hoh-ju, houju) Treasure ball; A ball with a pointed upper tip and a flaming flame that emerged from the brain of the Dragon King. In Buddhism, the ball fulfilled any wishes.

珠 (tama) A round ball formed in shellfish; a round grain like a pearl; a metaphor or description of something beautiful

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