Shadow 影

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Kanji: 影
Hiragana: かげ、えい
Pronunciation: Kage, Ei
Meaning: Shadow

影響 (eikyo, eikyou) affect; effect; influence; impact
投影 (toei, toh-ei, touei) projection
撮影 (satsuei) photographing; shooting movie; shooting photos
幻影 (genei) vision; illusion
陰影 (inei) shade; shadow; nuance
印影 (inei) imprint (of a seal)

影絵 (kage-e) shadow picture
影武者 (kagemusha) someone behind the scenes
影法師 (kageboshi, kagebohshi, kageboushi) silhouette; shadow figure
人影 (hitokage) shadow of a person; figure of a person

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