Heart 心

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Kanji: 心
Hiragana: こころ、ごころ、しん
Pronunciation: Kokoro, Gokoro, Shin
Meaning: Heart

熱心 (nesshin) eagerness; enthusiasm
安心 (anshin) peace of mind; relief
心配 (shinpai) care; worry; anxious; concerned
心臓 (shinzo, shinzoh, shinzou) heart
心底 (shinsoko) completely (from the bottom of one’s heart); one’s innermost depths
関心 (kanshin) interest; concern
感心 (kanshin) admire; be impressed by/with
慢心 (manshin) self-conceit
心象 (shinsho, shinshoh, shinshow, shinshou) image; mental image
心証 (shinsho, shinshoh, shinshow, shinshou) firm (deep) belief; conviction

心根 (kokorone) feelings; natre; disposition
心持ち (kokoro-mochi) feeling; mental attitude; just a little; a bit; somewhat; mood; disposition; slightly; sensation
心もとない (kokoro-motonai) uneasy; not sure; dubious; unreliable
親心 (oya-gokoro) parental love or affection
子供心 (kodomo-gokoro) childlike mind; judgment as a child (judgement)
心からの感謝 (kokoro-karano-kansha) sincere thanks; sincere gratitude

Special Readings:
心太 (tokoroten) gelidium jelly (cut into noodle-like strips and eaten cold, with a sweetened vinegary sauce, as a refreshing snack)

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