Angle, Side 方

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Kanji: 方
Hiragana: ほう、かた
Pronunciation: Ho, Hoh, Hou, Kata
Meaning: Angle, Side

方角 (hogaku, hohgaku, hougaku) a point of the compass; direction
方向 (hoko, hohkoh, houkou) direction; acourse; aim
正方形 (sehoke, seihohkei, seihoukei) square
両方 (ryoho, ryoh-hoh, ryouhou) both
片方 (kataho, katahoh, katahou) one side; the other side; one of a pair
地方 (chiho, chihoh, chihou) country; provinces; local; district; region
処方 (shoho, shohoh, shohou) prescribe; prescription
四方八方 (ho, hoh, hou) in all directions; from all directions; far and wide in every direction; high and low everywhere

やり方 (yarikata) a way; a means; how to do
書き方 (kakikata) how to write; a manner/way of writing
朝方 (asagata) in the early morning; toward(s) morning
夕方 (yugata, youugata) evening
お方 (okata) this lady or gentleman
味方 (mikata) supporter; ally; friend; stand by

Special Readings:
行方 (yukue) whereabouts
方舟 (hakobune) ark

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