Road, Way 道

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Kanji: 道
Hiragana: みち、どう
Pronunciation: Michi, Do, Dou, Doh
Meaning: Road, Way

道路 (doro, douro, dohro) road; street
茶道 (sado, sadou, sadoh) tra ceremony
道教 (dokyo, doukyo, dohkyo) Taoism
道祖神 (dososhin, dousoshin, dohsoshin) A deity located at the border of a village, mountain pass, or other roadside place to prevent foreign pestilence and evil spirits. Also, a god at the entrance to the other world. Later, it was regarded as a god of marriage, travel safety, and closeness to children.
道理 (dori, douri, dohri) reason; logic
報道 (hodo, houdou, hohdoh) report; news; journalism

道草 (michikusa) loitering on the way
道の駅 (michinoeki) roadside station (government-designated rest area)
道筋 (michisuji) route; path; itinerary

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