Bright 明

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Kanji: 明
Hiragana: あか(るい)、めい、みん
Pronunciation: Aka(rui), Mei, Min
Meaning: Bright

明暗 (meian) brightness and darkness; light and shade
明朝体 (minchotai) Ming-cho style; One of the typefaces of Japanese typefaces;
Vertical lines are thick and horizontal lines are thin. It is widely used in Japanese newspapers and books. It is called Ming-cho style because it was used in woodblock-printed books during the Ming Dynasty in China. It has the characteristics of 楷書 (Square style), but also has some of the characteristics of 隷書 (Clerical style). Ming-cho style used in Japan today is based on metal type brought to Japan at the beginning of the Meiji period (1868-1912), and has been continuously improved, resulting in a variety of Ming-cho style with different expressions.

明るい (akarui) bright

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