Dance 舞

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Kanji: 舞
Hiragana: ま(う)、ぶ
Pronunciation: Ma(u),Bu
Meaning: Dance, Flying, Whirling

舞踊 (buyo, buyoh, buyou) (Japanese) dance
鼓舞 (kobu) inspiration; encouragement
舞踏会 (butokai, buyohkai, butoukai) a dance ball

舞い (mai) dance
舞妓 (maiko) Japanese dancing girls (especially in Kyoto)
舞い上がる (maiagaru) soar; be whirled up; be ecstatic; be in high spirits
凧が空を舞う (takoga-sorawo-mau) A kite flies in the sky.
葉が風に舞う (haga-kazeni-mau) Leaves flutter in the wind
鳥が大空を舞う (toriga-oozorawo-mau) Birds soar in the sky

舞 is often use in Japanese female names. The below is the some examples.
舞 (mai), 舞琴 (makoto), 舞弥 (maya)

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