Winter 冬

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Kanji: 冬
Hiragana: ふゆ、とう
Pronunciation: Fuyu, Toh, Tou
Meaning: Winter

越冬 (ettoh, ettou) pass the winter
厳冬 (gentoh, gentou) severe/ hard/ harsh winter
立冬 (rittoh, rittou) the beginning of winter; the first day of winter according to the lunar calender
冬至 (tohji, touji) the winter solstice
冬季 (tohki, touki) winter season
冬眠 (tohmin, toumin) hibernation

冬休み (fuyu-yasumi) winter vacation; winter holidays
冬山 (huyu-yama) wintry mountain
冬囲い (fuyu-gakoi) enclosure around a house or tree to protect it from the cold during the winter; an enclosure to prevent tree branches from breaking under the weight of snow; burying vegetables and other food in the ground for winter food; bring a boat ashore and cover it with a mat during the winter
冬支度 (fuyu-jitaku) preparing for winter

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