Flower 花

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Kanji: 花
Hiragana: はな、か
Pronunciation: Hana, Ka
Meaning: Flower, Blossom

花壇 (kadan) flower beds
花瓶 (kabin) flower vase
花鳥風月 (kachohugetsu) the traditional themes of natural beauty in Japanese aesthetics; the ancient Japanese beauty of nature as represented by flowers, birds, wind, and the moon; enjoying the beauty of nature

花見 (hanami) cherry blossom viewing
花園 (hanazno) flower garden
花火 (hanabi) fireworks
花札 (hanahuda) Japanese floral playing cards; Traditional Japanese card game using 48 cards depicting plants representing the 12 months of the year, such as pine, plum, and cherry blossoms; Old Japanese card game for gambling
花嫁 (hanayome) bride
花束 (hanataba) bouquet

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