Not yet 未

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Kanji: 未
Hiragana: み、ま(だ)、ひつじ
Pronunciation: Mi, Mada
Meaning: Not yet

未来 (mirai) future
未定 (mitei) undecided; not yet fixed; TBD; pending
未熟 (mijuku) inexperienced; immature; unripeness
未完 (mikan) incomplete; unfinished
未達 (mitatsu) underachievement; not reached
未満 (miman) under; below; less than

未だ (mada) still; yet; so far; up to now
未 (hitsuji) the Sheep; the eighth of the tweleveth signs of Chinese Zodiac: the hour of the Sheep; the hours between 1:00pm and 3:00pm; south-southwest

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