An autumn poem 秋来ぬと

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Original text (modern Kanji): 来ぬと 目にはさやかに見えねども の音にぞ 驚かれぬる
Original text (modern Hiragana) あききぬと めにはさやかにみえねども かぜのおとにぞ おどろかれぬる
Pronunciation: aki-kinuto me-niha sayakani mienedomo kaze-no otonizo odorokare-nuru
Original text (written in the ptcture): あ支ヽぬとめにはさや可にみえねども 可ぜの於とに所於どろ可れぬる

Translation into modern Japanese: 秋がやって来たと、目にははっきり見えないが、風の音で(秋がやって来たと)自然にはっと気づいてしまったよ
Translation into English: I cannot see it clearly with my eyes, but the sound of the wind made me realize that autumn has arrived.

Source: 古今和歌集 (Kokin Waka Shuu)
古今和歌集 (Kokin Waka Shuu) id a Japanese oldest imperial anthology of waka poetry. It consist of 20 rolled books. It was compiled in 905 by order of 醍醐天皇 (Emperor Daigo).

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