Purple 紫

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Kanji: 紫
Hiragana: むらさき、し
Pronunciation: Murasaki, Shi
Meaning: Purple, noble color in ancient era in Japan

紫綬褒章 (shiju-hosho, shiju-hohshoh, shiju-houshou) Medal with Purple Ribbon; a Japanese honor awarded to individuals for their outstanding achievements and contributions

若紫 (wakamurasaki) light purple; mauve; 若紫 is known as “Young Murasaki,” a fictional character from “The Tale of Genji,” a classic Japanese novel. She is a young noblewoman and one of the romantic interests of the main protagonist, Prince Genji.
紫式部 (murasakishikibu) A female author of stories in the mid-Heian period. Her most famous work is The Tale of Genji.

Special Readings:
紫陽花 (Ajisai) hydrangea; hydrangea macrophylla

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