Emerald Green 碧

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Kanji: 碧
Hiragana: あお、みどり、へき
Pronunciation: Ao, Midori, Heki, Aoi, Ai
Meaning: Emerald green, Blue, green, Beautiful blue/green jewelry color

碧眼 (hekigan) blue eyes; green eyes
碧玉 (hekigyoku) jasper
紺碧 (konpeki) azure; azure blue; deep blue; navy blue

Special Readings:
碧海 (aomi) azure blue sea; green sea

碧 is used in Japanese given male and female names. The below is some examples.
Male names: 碧斗 (aoto), 碧空 (sora), 碧志 (aoshi), 斗碧 (Toa), 琉碧 (rui)
Female names: 碧麗 (mirei), 碧羽 (aoha), 碧唯 (aoi)
Unisex names: 碧 (ao, aoi)

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