Cherry blossoms 桜

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Kanji: 桜
Hiragana: さくら、おう
Katakana: サクラ、オウ
Pronunciation: Sakura, Oh, Ou, O
Meaning: Cherry blossoms, Cherry tree

桜花 (ohka, Ouka, Ohka) cherry blossoms
観桜 (kanoh, kanou, kano) cherry blossom viewing; cherry blossom viewing party
桜桃 (ohtoh, outou, oto) (edible) cherry

桜色 (sakurairo) cherry blossom color
桜餅 (sakuramochi) rice cake with bean paste wrapped in a preserved cherry leaf
桜湯 (sakurayu) Hot water to drink with salted cherry blossoms.
桜肉 (sakuraniku) horse meat (because the meat has similar color with cherry blossoms)
桜吹雪 (sakura-fubuki) blizzard of falling cherry blossoms;Cherry petals fall like snowflakes.

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