Grow up 育

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Kanji: 育
Hiragana: そだ (つ)、いく
Pronunciation: Soda (tsu), Iku
Meaning: Grow up, Raise, Bring up

育休 (ikukyu, ikukyuu) childcare leave; infant -care leave
育成 (ikusei) traning; nurture; raising; bringing up; promotion; cultivation; rearing
教育 (kyo-iku, kyoh-iku, kyou-iku) education
育児 (ikuji) childcare;nursing; upbringing of a child
育メン (ikumen) Fathers who actively take care and nurse their children. A term born of the stereotype that child nursing is the role of the mother.

育つ (sodatsu) be raised; grow up; be brought up
育てる (sodateru) raise; bring up; rear; breeding
育て方 (sodatekata) method of bringing up; method of breeding; method of raising

寝る子は育つ (nerukoha-sodatsu) Sleep brings up a child well.

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