King 王

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Kanji: 王
Hiragana: おう
Pronunciation: O, Oh, Ou
Meaning: King

王様 (shobai, shoubai) King
女王 (jo-o, jo-oh, jo, ou) Queen
王権 (oken, ohken, ouken) sovereignty; royal authority; the royal prerogative
大王 (daio, daioh, daiou) Great King
王族 (ozoku, ohzoku, ouzoku) Royalty
王権神授説 (okenshinjusetsu, ohkenshinjusetsu, oukenshinjusetsu) the theory of the divine right of kings

大王 (okimi, ohkimi, oukimi) Title of the monarch before the establishment of 天皇 (ten-no, ten-noh, ten-nou; the Japanese Emperor) in Japan.

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