Rice 米

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Kanji: 米
Hiragana: こめ、べい、め、まい
Pronunciation: Kome, Bei, Me, Mai
Meaning: Rice, Meter

白米 (hakumai) polished rice; white rice
玄米 (genmai) unpolished rice; brown rice
新米 (shinmai) new rice; the frst rice crop of the year; new hand; beginner; novice
古米 (komai) old rice; rce stored from previous year’s harvest
米寿 (beiju) a celebration of 88 years old; the age of 88 years old
平米 (heibei) square meters
立米 (ryubei) cubic meters
米国 (beikoku) the USA

お米 (okome) rice
米粒 (kometsubu) a grain of rice
米どころ (komedokoro) a (famous) rice-producing region
米櫃 (komebitsu) rice chst; A box in which rice is stored (at home).
米俵 (komedawara) straw rice bag
米糠 (komenuka) rice bran
米油 (komeabura) rice bran oil
米蔵 (komegura) rice granary
米作り (komezukuri) rice farming

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