Good fortune 福

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Kanji: 福
Hiragana: ふく
Pronunciation: Fuku
Meaning: Good fortune; Good luck

幸福 (kofuku, koufuku, kohfuku) happiness; well-being; welfare; good fortue
七福神 (shichifukujin) Seven Gods of Fortune
鬼は外、福は内 (oniwasoto, fukuwa) the devil is in the outside, the good is in the inside; a phrase to say in Setsubun (節分), the last day of winter in the traditional Japanese calendar (usually February 3 or 4)
福の神 (fukunokami) god of fortune
笑う門には福来る (waraukadoniwa-fukukitaru) good fortune and happiness will come to the home of those who smile

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