Become 成

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Kanji: 成
Hiragana: な(る)、せい
Pronunciation: Na(ru), Sei
Meaning: Become

成人 (seijin) adult
成熟 (seijuku) ripeness; maturity
完成 (kansei) completion; perfection; finished
成婚 (seikon) marriage; wedding
醸成 (josei, johsei, jousei) brew; foment; ferment
成就 (seijuku) fulfillment; accomplish; attain; achieve; realize; be answered
養成 (yosei, yohsei, yousei) training; develop one’s strength; cultivate one’s strength
熟成 (jukusei) mature; ripen
成績 (seiseki) (school) record; results; agrade; a mark
成約 (seiyaku) conclusion of a contract; signing a contract; reach an agreement
成敗 (seibai) judgement; punishment
成功 (seiko, seikoh, seikou) success
成仏 (jobutsu, johbutsu, joubutsu) going to heaven; entering Nirvana; resting in peace; passing away peacefully
成長 (seicho, seichoh, seichou) growth

成り行き (nariyuki) the course of events; at the market
成り立ち (naritachi) the origin; a history; structure
成金 (narikin) the new rich; an upstart

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