Root 根

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Kanji: 根
Hiragana: ね、こん
Pronunciation: Ne, Kon
Meaning: Root

根菜 (konsai) root crops
禍根 (kakon) root of evil; cause of trouble
根性 (konjo, konjou) willpower; guts; spirit; one’s nature; one’s disposition
根負け (konmake) running out of patience; being beaten down by one’s opponent’s persistence
根本 (konpon) foundation; basis; root; origin; essence
根源 (kongen) source; origin; root; principle
根拠 (konkyo) basis; foundation; ground
根絶 (kozetsu) extermination; eradication; stamp out; wipe out

根っこ (nekko) root; stub
木の根 (kinone) root of a tree
草の根活動 (kusano-ne-katsudo, kusano-ne-katsudow, kusano-ne-katsudou) grassroots activities
性根 (shone, shoune) perseverance; nature; character
根暗 (nekura) dark-natured; moody

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