God 神

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Kanji: 神
Hiragana: かみ、しん
Pronunciation: Kami, Shin
Meaning: God, Spirit, Spiritual

御神木 (goshinboku)
御神木 (goshinboku) refers to trees that are particularly old and stand in places considered sacred. These trees are worshipped as dependents of the gods and are the object of special devotion as 御神木 (goshinboku). For example, trees standing at shrines and trees surrounding shrines are sometimes considered 御神木 (goshinboku).

Common sacred trees include the nagi, motinoki, and sugi (Japanese cedar), and these trees are objects of traditional Japanese worship. People generally pay their respects to the sacred trees, join hands with them, and offer their wishes.

御神体 (goshintai) object of worship housed in a Shinto shrine and believed to
contain the spirit of a deity

御神酒 (omiki) sake offered to the gods;
御神酒 (omiki), or sacred sake, is a special alcoholic beverage offered to the gods in the Japanese Shinto religion. It is a sacred sake used in shrines and Shinto rituals, and its main purpose is to be offered as an offering to the gods.

御神酒 (omiki) is commonly used during rituals at shrines and Shinto ceremonies. Generally, rice-based sake or special sake is used. People drink it during shrine festivals, New Year’s visits to shrines, and special events, and it is deeply rooted in Japanese culture.

神仏 (shinbutsu) Shinto and Buddhism; Shinto spirits and Buddha
神話 (shinwa) myth; legend
唯一神 (yuitsushin) the one and only God
多神教 (tashinkyo, tashinkyou) polytheism
神秘 (shinpi) mystery
神聖 (shinsei) holiness; holiest; sanctity; sacredness
神殿 (shinden) shrine

神様 (kamisama) God
神棚 (kamidana)
home shrine; home shrine

天照大御神 (amaterasu-ohmikami)
天照大御神 (amaterasu-ohmikami) is the sun goddess of Japanese mythology and is an important symbol of the Japanese nation. She lives in a heavenly palace called 高天原(Takamagahara) and illuminates the world as the sun. At one time, when she hid in a rocky place, the world was shrouded in darkness, resulting in crop failure and suffering, but other gods arranged for her return from the rocky place, bringing light once again. For the Japanese, she symbolizes the growth and prosperity of crops and is deeply rooted in Japanese culture.

神がかる (kamigakari) be divine; be possessed in a religious frenzy
神隠し (kamikakusi) Spiriterd away

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