Distant 遠

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Kanji: 遠
Hiragana: とお(い)、えん
Pronunciation: Toi, Toh-i, Too-i, En
Meaning: Distant, Far

遠方 (enpo, enpoh, enpou) Distant place; Long away; Far away; Remote place
遠隔 (enkaku) Remote; Distant; Remoteness; Remotely
遠距離 (enkyori) Long distance; Far distance
遠心力 (enshinryoku) Centrifugal force
遠近 (enshin) Far and near; Here and there; Perspective
敬遠 (keien) Pretending to respect someone while in fact staying distant from the person; Keeping at a distance
遠征 (ensei) Expedition; Performer’s tour
疎遠 (soen) Estrangement; Neglect; Drift apart
遠慮 (enryo) Reserve; Modesty; Constrait; Refrain; Forethought; Foresight
遠離 (onri) Separation by a great distance; Detachment
前途遼遠 (zentoryoen, zentoryoh-en, zentoryouen) A long way ahead; A long way to go

遠い (toi, toh-i)
遠のく (tonoku, tohnoku, tounoku)
遠ざける (tozakeru, tohzakeru, touzakeru)
遠縁 (toen, tohen, touen)

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