Extream 極

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Kanji: 極
Hiragana: きわ(める)、きわ(み)、きょく、ごく
Pronunciation: Kyoku, Goku
Meaning: Extream, Climax, Quite, Very, Limit, End, Decision, Promise

北極星 (hokkyokusei) the North Star; Alpha Ursae Minoris
北極 (hokkyoku) the Arctic; North Pole
対極 (taikyoku) opposite; antithesis
電極 (denkyoku) electrode
極限 (kyokugen) limit; utmost limits
積極的 (sekkyokuteki) positive; active; proactive; aggressive
消極的 (shokyokuteki, shohkyokuteki, shoukyokuteki) passive; negative; pessimistic; negative-minded
極東 (kyokuto, kyokutoh, kyokutou) the Far East; Far Eastern; the Orient
極意 (gokui) main points; essential point; secret principle
極秘 (gokuhi) absolute secrecy; top secret; top secret; strict secret
極楽 (gokuraku) heaven; supreme bliss; (Buddist) paradise
極端 (kyokutan) extreme; limit
極道 (gokudo, gokudoh, gokudou) yakuza; wicked; violence

極み (kiwami) extremity; height; end
極める (kiwameru) carry out successfully (a move in sports, a pose in dance, etc.)

Special Readings:
月極 (tsukigime) monthly contract; monthly payment

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